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Gender-based analysis plus

Section 1: Institutional GBA Plus Capacity

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) will continue to integrate Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) into work-related areas where the Government of Canada has established GBA Plus requirements. These areas are:

  • the development, implementation and review of regulations
  • the conduct of evaluations
  • the development of cabinet proposals (such as Treasury Board submissions and memoranda to Cabinet)

The CNSC may expand the application of GBA Plus beyond the mandated areas to other activities where its application would be beneficial, such as Return to the Workplace (RTWp), the regulatory framework, Indigenous engagement and communication activities. The decision to undertake a GBA Plus assessment on corporate projects is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Section 2: Gender and Diversity Impacts, by Program

Core Responsibility: Nuclear Regulation

Program Name: Internal Services

Target Population: Program supports delivering efficient, quality client-focused services to meet organizational requirements for CNSC staff.

Distribution of Benefits: N/A

Other Key Program impacts on gender and diversity:

In 2021-22, the CNSC implemented several recommendations stemming from the organization’s 2020-21 GBA Plus assessment on its work from home and return to the workplace plans. The findings of this assessment highlighted that employees with disabilities were disproportionately experiencing negative impacts as a result of working from home. To better support these employees, the CNSC undertook the following initiatives:

  • Hosted Open Learning sessions for all staff on the topics of neurodiversity, mental health, and seeking accommodations in order to increase awareness among staff and managers around these important topics
  • Organized an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) fair which included a presentation on understanding the relationship between EDI and GBA Plus
  • Established an employee-lead Accessibility Network which aims to provide members with a forum to discuss issues related to ableism and accessibility, to ensure full participation of employees with disabilities, and to make the CNSC a safe and inclusive workplace

Core Responsibility: Nuclear Regulation

Program Name: Scientific, Regulatory and Public Information Program

Target Population: Program supports informing the Canadian public, including Commission members, CNSC staff, Canadian nuclear licensees, vendors, academic community, special interest groups, Indigenous groups, other government departments, other jurisdictions and international organizations, in adherence with our mandate, our regulatory requirements and best available scientific information.

Distribution of Benefits: N/A

Other Key Program impacts on gender and diversity:

This program applies a GBA Plus lens to the development of regulatory initiatives. When changes to the Regulatory Framework are considered, the Program applies GBA Plus to assess whether systemic inequalities may result from these changes. It also assesses whether proposed changes can adequately address existing inequalities. Consultations occur in relation to potential Regulatory Framework changes and involve directly affected parties including Indigenous peoples and the general public.

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