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Report on Annual Expenditures for Travel, Hospitality and Conferences- 2015-2016

As required by the Treasury Board Directive on the Management of Expenditures on Travel, Hospitality and Conferences, this report provides information on the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC) total annual expenditures on travel, hospitality and conference fees incurred for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016. It also provides explanations for variances from the previous fiscal year in each of these areas.

This information is updated annually and does not contain information withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act.

Expenditures on travel, hospitality and conference fees incurred by federal departments and agencies are related to activities that support a departmental or agency mandate and the government’s priorities.

For the CNSC, this includes the delivery of the following core programs and services to Canadians:

  • regulating the development, production and use of nuclear energy in Canada to protect health, safety and the environment
  • regulating the production, possession, use and transport of nuclear substances, and the production, possession and use of prescribed equipment and prescribed information
  • implementing measures respecting international control of the development, production, transport and use of nuclear energy and substances, including measures respecting the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear explosive devices
  • disseminating scientific, technical and regulatory information concerning the CNSC’s activities, pertaining to the development, production, possession, transport and use of nuclear substances that affect the environment and the health and safety of persons

For more information on the CNSC's mandate and core programs and/or services, please consult the CNSC's Departmental Performance Report or the Report on Plans and Priorities.

Total annual expenditures for the CNSC's travel, hospitality and conferences fees:
Category Expenditures for the year ending March 31, 2016
Expenditures for the previous year ending March 31, 2015
* CNSC reports to Parliament through the Minister of Natural Resources, whose travel expenses are included in Natural Resources Canada's Report on Annual Expenditures for Travel, Hospitality and Conferences.
Travel: Public servants $4,598 $4,491 $107
Travel: Non-public servants $71 $58 $13
Total Travel $4,669 $4,549 $120
Hospitality $92 $78 $14
Conference Fees $4 $2 $2
Total $4,765 $4,629 $136
International travel by Minister and minister’s staff * N/A N/A N/A

Significant variances compared to the previous fiscal year.


  1. Public servants: Compared to fiscal year 2014–15, travel expenditures by public servants increased mainly due to an increase in travel for the purpose of training new employees hired under the CNSC’s workforce renewal initiative, part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure workforce sustainability by addressing the potential impact of attrition and ensuring an effective knowledge transfer.
  2. Non-public servants: Compared to fiscal year 2014–15, non-public servants travel increased primarily due to an increase in travel by external consultants delivering training to CNSC staff.

  3. Minister and minister’s staff: Not applicable.


Compared to fiscal year 2014–15, hospitality expenditures increased mainly as a consequence of public hearings for the licence renewals of the Bruce and Darlington Nuclear Generating Stations, as well as SRB Technologies, which took place in the affected communities and required providing for large contingents of staff and Commission members.

Conference Fees:

The CNSC had no significant changes in conference fees expenditures from 2014–15 to 2015–16.

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