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Remarks by President Rumina Velshi on recent public questions about pressure tubes at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station

Thank you, OPG and CNSC staff, for providing this information. This has been an important and informative session.

I’d like to say something to everyone with us today – and to the people of Pickering and beyond:

In recent weeks, we’ve heard from some who engage in sensationalism and who prefer to either misrepresent or ignore the facts.

And so I want to be clear: Safety has been – and always will be – the top priority of this Commission.

It is the lens through which we see our work, the nuclear industry and our world.

We are rigorous in our dedication to safety – and to keeping people and communities secure.

This Commission is proudly – and crucially – independent. In our findings, we are at all times guided by science and fact, not by guesswork, conjecture nor by politics.

Our role is to keep the people of Canada safe. And it’s a role we fulfill every single day.

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