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Abstract: Gauging perceptions of the CNSC

The CNSC is committed to continuously improving its practices to strengthen public trust and confidence. In keeping with this commitment, it retained Nanos Research (Nanos) to conduct research to gauge public perceptions and stakeholder impressions of the organization. This work included a public opinion survey with over 1,000 Canadians, as well as interviews with civil society, Indigenous, industry and municipal stakeholder groups.

Nanos prepared a report that details its methodology, index development and research findings. These findings suggest that, overall, the public perception environment around the CNSC lends itself to opportunities for increased awareness and confidence building. Ongoing dialogue is important to increase public understanding and trust in the CNSC’s role of regulating the use of nuclear energy and materials to protect health, safety, security and the environment, anywhere in Canada.

Civil society, Indigenous, industry and municipal stakeholder groups all indicated high confidence in the CNSC’s professionalism and ability to deliver on its regulatory mandate. However, some stakeholders expressed concerns about how the CNSC listens to and considers the specific interests of each stakeholder group. Stakeholders would welcome increased communication and consultation with the CNSC.

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