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CNSC responds to the segment posted on Global News on January 31, 2020

We wish to correct misleading information in your news report about BWXT's proposal to produce fuel pellets at its Peterborough facility.

While we commend your interview with the medical officer of health to counter misinformation about BWXT's proposal, it is also important to share accurate information about the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

It is true that CNSC staff have performed a technical assessment of BWXT’s proposal against regulatory requirements and applicable standards, and that they have recommended that the Commission authorize pelleting operations at the Peterborough facility. This assessment is provided in CNSC staff's submission to the Commission (Commission Member Document CMD 20-H2, which is available on the CNSC's website). This document is in no way an authorization or “preliminary approval” of BWXT's licence application.

CNSC staff are separate and distinct from the Commission, which has the sole authority to grant approval for BWXT's licence application. The Commission will render its decision on BWXT’s application only after the public hearing to be held in Toronto on March 2 and 3, and in Peterborough on March 4, 5 and 6. CNSC staff’s assessment is one input to those proceedings for the Commission’s consideration.

To be clear, BWXT does not have any form of authorization – preliminary or otherwise – to proceed with pelleting operations at its Peterborough facility at this time.


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