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CNSC to evaluate proposed Near Surface Disposal Facility and offer many opportunities for public input

With great interest, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has been following the Ottawa Citizen opinion pieces published on April 23 and April 26 regarding the proposed Near Surface Disposal Facility at Chalk River Laboratories and the requirement for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) to apply for and secure a licence to construct and operate this proposed facility.

It is important to remind your readers that Canada’s nuclear sector has an independent regulator: the CNSC. In this role, the CNSC will review and assess CNL’s proposal thoroughly, and will only allow the project to proceed if it is convinced that it is safe for Canadians and the environment. In addition, the CNSC has a robust public participation process that includes public hearings, often held in local communities and a Participant Funding Program to support members of the public, stakeholders and Indigenous peoples who wish to participate in our regulatory decision-making process. The CNSC also has a proactive and transparent consultation approach that spans the life cycle of a project, from cradle to grave.

CNL’s Near Surface Disposal Facility proposal is currently undergoing an environmental assessment pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. The CNSC has identified a number of areas where additional information needs to be included in the licensee’s final environmental impact statement (EIS) and other technical supporting documentation. A complete submission is required before the CNSC can complete its assessment and proceed to public hearings.

The CNSC encourages Indigenous peoples, members of the public and stakeholders to participate in the environmental assessment review process. Their concerns and interests are of vital importance to the Government of Canada and to the CNSC to ensure an open, balanced process, one that strengthens the quality and credibility of a project’s review.

Read Eva Schacherl’s opinion piece that was published in the Ottawa Citizen on April 23:

Read CNL’s response to the Ottawa Citizen’s April 23 opinion piece:

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