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CNSC formalizes collaboration with Spanish nuclear regulator

The CNSC recently formalized its longstanding relationship with the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) of the Kingdom of Spain in a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The MOU, which the two regulators signed on September 30, 2020, solidifies efforts to cooperate and exchange information on nuclear regulatory matters.

The signing of the MOU, under the leadership of CNSC President Rumina Velshi and CSN Chairman Josep Maria Serena i Sender, will pave the way to enhance collaboration and exchange of information to strengthen nuclear safety in both countries.

The MOU focuses on a variety of subjects, including:

  • operational experience and lessons learned from nuclear incidents and accidents, including those related to radiological safety
  • operation and decommissioning of nuclear installations
  • communication projects and strategies in the nuclear regulatory field
  • emergency preparedness and response
  • radioactive waste management
  • research and development
  • respective regulatory activities, including those for innovative nuclear technologies

A solid base for regulatory collaboration

The CNSC and CSN enjoy a long-lasting collaborative relationship. They are both members of a number of multilateral committees, including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Nuclear Energy Agency, the International Nuclear Regulators’ Association, and the Western European Nuclear Regulators Association.

In recent months, the CNSC and CSN have been sharing information on their COVID-19 response, including plans related to returning to the workplace and their approaches to remote inspections and verifications.

The CNSC continues to seek opportunities to collaborate with its international counterparts to further expand its regulatory knowledge and strengthen nuclear safety at home.

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