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CNSC holds public hearing for the licence renewal of McClean Lake Operation

McClean Lake Operation

The McClean Lake Operation, owned and operated by AREVA Resources Canada Inc. (AREVA), is located approximately 750 km north of Saskatoon, SK. The current licence authorizes AREVA's McClean Lake Operation to produce up to 10,909,090 kg of uranium concentrate per year, along with associated operations. The current licence also authorizes AREVA to process uranium ore slurry from Cameco Corporation's Cigar Lake Operation, also located in northern Saskatchewan.

With the operating licence set to expire on June 30, 2017, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) will hold a public hearing to consider the application from AREVA for a 12-year renewal of its uranium mine operating licence for the McClean Lake Operation.

CNSC holds hearing in the community

The public hearing will take place on June 7–8, 2017 in La Ronge, SK, where the Commission will consider information presented by the licensee and CNSC staff, as well as 11 interventions from members of the public, Indigenous groups and other stakeholders.

The public hearing will be webcast live and available for 90 days on the CNSC website at

Browse hearing documents

You can consult all key hearing documents by requesting them electronically. These include submissions from CNSC staff, AREVA and intervenors.

Participant funding

A total of $75,000 was made available through the CNSC Participant Funding Program to facilitate public participation in the relicensing process.

An independent committee reviewed the funding requests. Of the nine intervenors who received funding, five were Indigenous groups.

Aerial view of McClean Lake Operation

Compliance verification activities

The CNSC is responsible for regulating and licensing all existing and future uranium mining and milling operations in Canada. The CNSC has staff in Ottawa, ON and at its regional office in Saskatoon, SK, who perform inspections to evaluate operations and verify compliance with regulatory requirements and licence conditions. Inspections conducted by CNSC staff during the current licence period did not identify any findings that posed a risk to human health and safety, or to the environment. You can learn more about AREVA's regulatory performance at the McClean Lake Operation in the CNSC's annual regulatory oversight report for uranium mines and mills.

Based on compliance verification activities and the detailed review of AREVA's licence application, CNSC staff conclude:

  • AREVA continues to uphold its commitment to radiation protection, environmental protection and to the health and safety of persons.
  • Environmental programs implemented at the McClean Lake Operation are satisfactory.
  • The safety of the public and the environment around the McCLean Lake Operation is maintained by regularly sampling soil, water and plants around operating sites.

CNSC staff will recommend that the Commission renew the uranium mine operating licence to authorize AREVA to operate the McClean Lake Operation until June 30, 2029.

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