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Highlighting the CNSC's regulatory role on Titans of Nuclear

From left to right: Peter Elder, Michael Binder, Ramzi Jammal, Rumina Velshi and Bret Kugelmass

From left to right: Peter Elder, Michael Binder, Ramzi Jammal, Rumina Velshi and Bret Kugelmass

In July 2019, the CNSC was pleased to welcome Bret Kugelmass in Ottawa. Mr. Kugelmass is a Stanford mechanical engineer and the host of Titans of Nuclear, a podcast featuring discussions with experts from across the field of nuclear energy.

During his visit, Mr. Kugelmass interviewed CNSC President Rumina Velshi, Vice-President and Chief Science Officer Peter Elder, Executive Vice-President and Chief Regulatory Operations Officer Ramzi Jammal, and former CNSC President Michael Binder.

The discussions focused on several nuclear-related areas of interest from the CNSC’s unique regulatory perspective, including the Canadian public’s perception of nuclear, the licensing of small modular reactors, and the diverse and inclusive workforce dedicated to nuclear safety in Canada.

Curious about the CNSC’s role as Canada’s nuclear regulator? Watch each of the interviews below.

Among other topics, President Velshi discussed why transparency and engagement are important strategies for improving trust in the regulatory process. “Strengthening public trust is one of my top priorities,” she shared.

Watch President Velshi’s interview.

Vice-President and Chief Science Officer Peter Elder discussed the important connection between nuclear safety and security, as well as the defence-in-depth approach to security in nuclear power plants and facilities.

Watch Peter Elder’s interview.

As a part of his discussion, Executive Vice-President Ramzi Jammal highlighted how the CNSC’s regulatory oversight of safety culture is an integral part of the CNSC’s mandate to ensure the safety of workers, the public and the environment.

Watch Ramzi Jammal’s interview.

Former CNSC President Michael Binder’s discussion included the licensing process for new nuclear technology in Canada. The CNSC's role is to regulate the nuclear industry and to ensure the protection of the health and safety of the public and the environment, regardless of the technology used.

Watch Dr. Michael Binder’s interview.

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