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Canada to host EPREV mission

Being prepared in the event of an emergency is an essential part of being a responsible nuclear regulator. Because nuclear emergency preparedness and response is a shared responsibility in Canada, the CNSC has a comprehensive emergency preparedness program in place and works with nuclear operators, municipal, provincial and federal government agencies, first responders and international organizations to always be ready.

One way to ensure that we evaluate our state of readiness to meet worldwide best practices is to participate in international reviews. From June 3–13, 2019, Canada will host an Emergency Preparedness Review (EPREV). This review is a service offered by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), whereby a team of international experts appraises a Member State’s level of emergency preparedness for nuclear and radiological emergencies.

The scope of the EPREV mission will include federal authorities and provinces with nuclear reactors (Ontario and New Brunswick), as well as nuclear power plant operators. The mission will serve to identify any opportunities for improvement in Canada’s overall current preparations for a nuclear emergency on Canadian soil, and it will help increase Canada’s level of preparedness to protect public health and safety.

The CNSC is committed to continuous improvement and welcomes recommendations from our international counterparts to enhance our regulatory framework. We will continue to uphold a high level of transparency by sharing the EPREV findings with you publically.

Visit the CNSC website and follow us on Twitter @CNSC_CCSN to learn about all we do to ensure emergency preparedness and for further updates on the EPREV mission.

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