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Tritium is a rare isotype of hydrogen, and the only radioactive form of this widespread natural element. Learn about how we regulate tritium releases from nuclear reactors and processing facilities to ensure the health and safety of people and protection of the environment.

Nordionés Class IB facility and campus, which includes the site for which BWXT has applied for a licence

Understanding tritium

Facts about tritium

Discover the basics about this radioisotope

Tritium in drinking water

Learn about how tritium is monitored and regulated in Canada

Tritium studies

Read about CNSC studies and other Canadian research on tritium releases in Canada

Let’s talk: tritium

Ask CNSC experts a question about tritium

Tritium data

View open data from Health Canada’s Radiological Monitoring Network (CRMN)


Fukushima 10 years later

Read about Canada's Response to Fukushima.

Near Surface Disposal Facility

Learn more about our work on this proposed project.

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

Under our administrative arrangement, Canada can supply the world’s largest fusion experiment with tritium.

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