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Class 1A nuclear power plant forms


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There are currently four operating nuclear power plants in Ontario and New Brunswick which may use the following forms to provide information required by the conditions in their power reactor operating licences (PROLs), and as detailed in regulatory document REGDOC-3.1.1.

REGDOC-3.1.1, Reporting Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants, sets out the timing and information that nuclear power plant licensees are required to report to the CNSC in accordance with the conditions in their PROLs. This document describes the types of scheduled reports, their frequency and the applicable timeframe for reporting. It also contains general guidance, explanatory information, forms and templates to assist users in meeting reporting requirements with additional specific guidance provided in each licensee’s Licence Conditions Handbook.

Scheduled reporting

Quarterly reports on safety performance indicators (SPIs)

Radiation and contamination SPI# 1 Collective radiation exposure (PDF)
SPI# 2 Personnel contamination events (PDF)
SPI# 3 Unplanned dose / unplanned exposure (PDF)
SPI# 4 Loose contamination events (PDF)
Environment, waste, and health and safety SPI# 5 Environmental releases – radiological (PDF) (MS Excel)
SPI# 6 Spills (PDF)
SPI# 21 Conventional health and safety (PDF)
SPI# 25 Low- and intermediate-level radioactive solid waste generated (PDF)
International benchmarking SPI# 10 Unit capability factor (PDF)
SPI# 11 Unplanned capability loss factor (PDF)
SPI# 12 Forced loss rate (PDF)
SPI# 13 Reactor trip rate (PDF)
Maintenance SPI# 14 Corrective maintenance backlog (PDF)
SPI# 15 Deficient maintenance backlog (PDF)
SPI# 16 Deferral of preventive maintenance (PDF)
SPI# 17 Safety system test performance (PDF)
SPI# 18 Preventive maintenance completion ratio (PDF)
Emergency response SPI# 22 Radiological emergencies performance index (PDF)
SPI# 23 Emergency Response Organization (ERO) drill participation index (PDF)
SPI# 24 Emergency response resources completion index (PDF)
Operations SPI# 7 Mispositioning index (PDF)
SPI# 8 Number of unplanned transients (PDF) (MS Excel)
SPI# 9 Reactivity management index (PDF) (MS Excel)
Chemistry SPI# 19 Chemistry index (PDF)
SPI# 20 Chemistry compliance index (PDF)

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