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Alarm response guidelines for radiation portal monitoring systems

Nuclear substances and radiation devices are widely used throughout Canada in many application fields, which include industrial, medical, education and research. Occasionally, radioactive nuclear substances have been found in the public domain, in areas such as waste management and scrap metal recycling facilities. The detection of these materials is essential, as undetected radioactive nuclear substances may cause unnecessary risk to the members of the public, facility workers and the environment.

During the past several years, numerous waste management and scrap metal recycling facilities have purchased and installed radiation portal monitor systems at their locations. These monitoring systems are used to detect the presence of radioactive nuclear substances in incoming shipments of materials to their facilities. 

In the event that a radiation portal monitor alarm is activated, proper procedures must be followed to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has developed Alarm Response Guidelines to assist waste management and scrap metal facility workers respond appropriately to the situation.

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