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Matoush Exploration Project

Start date: November 14, 2008
CEAR reference number: 08-00-46115
Proponent: Strateco Resources Inc.
Location: Chibougamau, Québec

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Project Description

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has received an application and a project proposal from Strateco Resources Inc. (Strateco), for the excavation of an underground exploration ramp, in order to conduct an advanced exploration phase for the development of its uranium mining project on the Matoush claim.  Strateco is presently conducting a scoping study for its Matoush Uranium Mine Project, and has determined the existence of a sufficient quantity of uranium. 

The Matoush Project is centrally located within the Province of Québec, situated 260 km northeast of Chibougamau, in the Chibougamau Mining District.

Strateco’s proposal includes the following components:

  • Construction of an underground exploration ramp and associate surface infrastructure (i.e., temporary worker change rooms, ramp ventilation machinery, and a temporary water treatment plant facility); and
  • Construction of the ramp portal and associated surface infrastructure (i.e., garages and mechanical shops).

No bulk samples are planned at this stage of exploration. 

Before the Commission can consider a NSCA licensing decision regarding Strateco’s proposal, an environmental assessment (EA) must be completed in compliance with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement (JBNQA).  For additional information refer to the JBNQA section on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's web site.  The purpose of an EA is to identify the possible environmental effects of a proposed project, and determine whether these effects can be mitigated before the project is allowed to proceed.

Further Information

For questions or information directly related to this environmental assessment, contact the CNSC.

The CNSC regulates the use of nuclear energy and materials to protect the health, safety and security of Canadians and the environment; and to respect Canada's international commitments on the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

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