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Redevelopment of the Port Hope Conversion Facility (Vision 2010)

Environmental assessment (EA) start date: October 19, 2006
CEAR reference number: 06-03-22672
Proponent: Cameco Corporation
Location: Port Hope, Ontario

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Project description

In a letter to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), Cameco Corporation (Cameco) proposed the Vision 2010 project, which involves a comprehensive redevelopment of its Port Hope Conversion Facility located in Port Hope, Ontario.

The project consists of decommissioning and demolishing approximately 20 old or underutilized buildings, removing contaminated soils, building materials and stored historical wastes, and constructing new replacement buildings. Onsite plant operations would be maintained while the works are being carried out.

Three of the 20 buildings that will be decommissioned include:

  • north UO2/Waste Recovery Building (Building No. 2)
  • metals plant (building no. 5C)
  • east UF6 (building no. 27)

Each of these three buildings are Class 1B nuclear facilities used to refine or convert uranium with a capacity of more than 100 tonnes per year.

On January 20, 2010, Cameco Corporation announced that the centre pier buildings will be included in the redevelopment. The centre pier buildings will be added to the “preliminary list of buildings to be decommissioned and/or demolished,” as defined in the scope of the project in section 2.1 of the comprehensive study environmental assessment guidelines. This does not change the scope of the project which includes the entire licensed site.

The proposed project is to be carried out in conjunction with the Port Hope Area Initiative, a joint federal-municipal government undertaking for the cleanup and long-term management of low-level radioactive and industrial waste in the Municipality of Port Hope, Ontario. Vision 2010 is considered as the “near-term decommissioning component” of the overall site decommissioning strategy.

CNSC authorization of the Vision 2010 project requires an action by the Commission made under the authority set out in subsection 24(2) of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA). Before the Commission can make a licensing decision regarding this proposal, a comprehensive study EA of the proposal must be conducted in compliance with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). The purpose of an EA is to identify potential adverse environmental effects of a proposal before irrevocable decisions are made.

Milestones for the redevelopment of Cameco Corporation's Port Hope Conversion Facility (Vision 2010)

Further information

For questions or information directly related to this environmental assessment, contact the CNSC.

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