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The Midwest Project: Mining and milling


Start date: March 2, 2006
CEAR reference number: 06-03-17519
Proponent: AREVA Resources Canada Inc. (formerly COGEMA Resources Inc.)
Location: McClean Lake, Saskatchewan

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Project Description

The Midwest Project involves the mining and milling of a uranium deposit located near the eastern margin of the Athabasca basin in northern Saskatchewan; about 15 km west of the JEB mill at the McClean Lake Operation.

COGEMA has proposed to extend the mining and milling activities at the McClean Lake Operation to include the Midwest Project. The project includes the following components:

  • development of the Midwest ore deposit as an open pit mine;
  • development of a dedicated haul road linking the Midwest development with the existing McClean Lake Operation; and
  • increasing the production capacity of the JEB mill to accommodate the planned rate for milling of the Midwest ore.

Before the Commission makes its decision on the proposal, an environmental assessment must be completed in compliance with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). The purpose of an environmental assessment is to identify the possible environmental effects of a proposed project, and to determine whether these effects can be mitigated before the project is allowed to proceed.

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Further Information

For questions or information directly related to this environmental assessment, contact the CNSC.

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