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NRCan's Port Hope Long-Term Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Project

Start date: November 21, 2001
Type: Screening
Proponent: Low Level Radioactive Waste Management Office
Location: Port Hope, Ontario

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Project Description

In June of 2001, NRCan designated the Low Level Radioactive Waste Management Office (LLRWMO) as proponent of the Port Hope project. The LLRWMO was established in 1982 to carry out the responsibilities of the federal government for the management of low level radioactive waste in Canada. The LLRWMO is operated by Atomic Energy of Canada through an agreement with NRCan. NRCan provides funding and establishes national policy for low level radioactive waste management.

In October 2001, NRCan, writing on behalf of the LLRWMO, sent the CNSC a Letter of Intent, stating the plans of the LLRWMO to apply for authorization for the possession, management and storage of a waste nuclear substance at Port Hope. This would require a Waste Nuclear Substance Licence (WNSL) to be issued under subsection 24(2) of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act.

The proposed Long-Term Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Facility (LTWMF) Project consisted of all the activities and operations required for:

  • Remediation of sites containing low-level radioactive waste, marginally contaminated soil and specified industrial wastes located in the Municipality of Port Hope, including Port Hope Harbour;
  • Preparation, construction and operation (including monitoring) of two local, long-term low-level radioactive waste management facilities for the wastes, one at the site of the existing Welcome Waste Management Facility (WMF) and one at the Pine Street North Extension site.

Before the Commission makes its decision on LLRWMO application for a Waste Nuclear Substance Licence, an environmental assessment must be completed in compliance with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. The purpose of an environmental assessment is to identify the possible environmental effects of a proposed project, and to determine whether these effects can be mitigated before the project is allowed to proceed.

Further Information

For a listing of documents available on the Public Registry, contact:

Joanne Smith
Public Registry Administrator
Uranium and Radioactive Waste Division
Natural Resources Canada
580 Booth Street, 17th Floor
Phone: (613) 996-8719
Fax: (613) 947-4205

CNSC regulates the use of nuclear energy and materials to protect health, safety, security and the environment and to respect Canada's international commitments on the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

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