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June 2023 Environmental Non-Governmental Organization Forum

The CNSC–Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (ENGO) Forum met virtually on June 22, 2023.



  • Approval of March 23, 2023, meeting summary
  • Update on recent or emerging items

Small modular reactors – Licensing and regulation update

  • Presenters: Caroline Ducros, Director General, Advanced Reactor Technologies; Sarah Eaton, Director, Advanced Reactor Licensing; Tiffany MacLellan, Senior Project Officer

CSA Enhanced Access Program presentation

  • Presenters: Jason Churchill, Team Lead, Regulatory Framework Wesley Ross, Regulatory Framework Officer

Health break

Update on new Indigenous and Stakeholder Capacity Fund and timelines for Participant Funding Program

  • Presenters: Clare Cattrysse, Director, Indigenous and Stakeholder Relations; Adam Levine, Team Lead, Indigenous Consultation and Participant Funding; Adam Zenobi, Participant Funding Program Administrator; Arielle Jean, Senior Policy Officer

ENGO Forum governance

  • Feedback and discussion on the Forum in 2022–23
  • Forward agenda
  • Commitment tracker
  • Fall meeting date



Lists of attendees from the CNSC and participating ENGOs.


  • Carroll Chubb (Saskatchewan Environmental Society)
  • Ann Coxworth (Saskatchewan Environmental Society)
  • Pippa Feinstein (Nuclear Transparency Project)
  • Larissa Holman (Ottawa Riverkeeper)
  • Brennain Lloyd (Northwatch)
  • Theresa McClenaghan (Canadian Environmental Law Association)
  • Megan Van Buskirk (Saskatchewan Environmental Society)


  • Susan O’Donnell (Coalition for Responsible Energy Development – New Brunswick)
  • M.V. Ramana (University of British Columbia)


  • Michael DeJong
  • Caroline Ducros
  • Haidy Tadros
  • Clare Cattrysse
  • Sarah Eaton
  • John Thelen
  • Jason Churchill
  • Meghan Gerrish
  • Adam Levine
  • Tiffany MacLellan
  • Michael Young
  • Arielle Jean
  • Adam Zenobi
  • Spencer Rolfe
  • Wesley Ross

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