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February 2020 Environmental Non-Governmental Organization Forum

The CNSC-Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGO) Forum met on February 10th, 2020 at the CNSC Offices in Ottawa:


Introduction and Setting the Scene

Roundtable Discussion on the Value of Working Together

Roundtable Discussion on How to Work Together

Potential New Processes Related to Commission Proceedings

Update on Environmental Protection reviews, the Impact Assessment Act and Availability of Environmental Data

Roundtable Discussion

Warp Up


Lists of attendees from the CNSC and participating ENGOs.


  • Kerrie Blaise (Canadian Environmental Law Association)
  • Ann Coxworth (Saskatchewan Environmental Society)
  • Pippa Feinstein (Swim Drink Fish / Lake Ontario Waterkeeper)
  • Ole Hendrickson (Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area)
  • Larissa Holman (Ottawa Riverkeeper)
  • Brennain Lloyd (Northwatch)
  • Elizabeth Logue (Ottawa Riverkeeper)


  • Jason Cameron
  • Marc Leblanc
  • Héloïse Perron
  • Mike Rinker
  • Rumina Velshi
  • Rhonda Walker-Sisttie


  • Rhonda Moore (Institute on Governance)

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