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December 2022 Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations Forum

The CNSC-Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGO) Forum met virtually on December 13, 2022.



  • Approval of Meeting Summary of October 28th, 2022
  • Update on Recent or Emerging Items

Update and Discussion on Commission Modernization Discussion Paper, February 2020:

  • Presenters: Denis Saumure, Registrar, Michael Young, Lead Commission Technical Officer

Health Break

Presentation and Discussion on Participant Funding Program Independent Funding Review Process:

  • Presenters: Clare Cattrysse, Director ISRD, Adam Levine, Team Lead Indigenous Consultation and Participant Funding, Adam Zenobi, Participant Funding Program Administrator

ENGO Forum Governance:

  • Forward Agenda
  • Spring Meeting Date
  • Commitment Tracker



A list of attendees


  • Theresa McClenaghan (Canadian Environmental Law Association)
  • Ann Coxworth (Saskatchewan Environmental Society)
  • Pippa Feinstein (Nuclear Transparency Project)
  • Brennain Lloyd (Northwatch)
  • Larissa Holman (Ottawa Riverkeeper)


  • Michael DeJong
  • Denis Saumure
  • Michael Young
  • Andrew Mathai
  • Clare Cattrysse
  • Meghan Gerrish
  • Adam Levine
  • Adam Zenobi
  • Arielle Jean
  • Spencer Rolfe

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