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Young professionals at the CNSC

August 17, 2015

Students and new graduates support goal to be the world’s best nuclear regulator

It can be a challenge for students and new graduates to find and secure employment in a field relevant to their studies. They often get trapped in a never‑ending cycle of needing experience to get a job, but needing a job to get experience. The CNSC understands this challenge and offers a range of employment opportunities to help talented young professionals dive into their careers while benefiting greatly from their fresh perspectives, talent and energy.

Student employment opportunities

picture of Jakub Wodkowski

Jakub Wodkowski

There are 54 students at the CNSC with the majority completing four-month summer or coop internships. These internships are part of the requirements to complete their degrees. The experience they gain contributes to meeting specific learning objectives in their school curriculum.

Jakub Wodkowski is a Carleton University mechanical engineering coop student, working in the Directorate of Power Reactor Regulation.

“I’ve learned how to better communicate highly technical information in an effective and professional manner,” says Jakub. “I developed the ability to go knock on doors and take the initiative to move a project and ensure deliverables are met.”

In addition to coop and summer student opportunities, the CNSC has a well-established 15-month rotation program with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), McMaster University and the University of Saskatchewan, and is actively looking to expand it to other universities. This rotation program gives students an opportunity to experience a variety of challenging assignments at the CNSC.

Third year UOIT student Andrea Bauer from Oshawa, Ontario calls the 15-month internship program "an amazing experience … it’s just such a good program, so well designed."

Through the rotation, Andrea gained knowledge on the different roles each branch and division plays in upholding the CNSC’s mandate.

Hiring new graduates

picture of Andrea Bauer and Brennan Walsh

Andrea Bauer and Brennan Walsh

The CNSC’s recent focus on hiring new graduates supports the organization in two streams of work: Program Professionals, and Science and Technology. To date, 21 new graduates have been placed and more are being qualified to be placed through testing and interviews.

“Hiring young professionals is an integral part of the CNSC’s efforts to address the challenges related to attrition and knowledge transfer,” says Louise Youdale, Director General of Human Resources at the CNSC. “We aim to be the best nuclear regulator in the world, and to accomplish that we need to plan carefully and constantly strengthen our talent pool.”

Brennan Walsh was hired as a new graduate on a two-year contract in the Strategic, Regulatory and e-Communications Division. Having already completed two 4‑month coop placements at the CNSC, Brennan felt that staff dedicated a lot of time and effort to mentor him.

"Even though I haven’t been here for a long time, I already have my own files and long term projects to work on,” says Brennan. “I am being put to work and I can see a future growing here."

CNSC expects to continue its commitment to hire young professionals, given its proven results.  Newly hired students and graduates also serve as ambassadors for the organization, encouraging others to explore careers with the CNSC. Anyone interested in joining the CNSC team should visit our Career website regularly for information on recruitment initiatives.

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