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Andrew G.L. McNaughton

(1946 - 1948)


The first president of the AECB is appointed General Andrew G. L. McNaughton is appointed the first President of the Atomic Energy Control Board and serves until 1948. He had been commander of the Canadian Forces in England as well as President of the National Research Council from 1935 to 1944. (Source: IEEE Canada)

Atomic Energy Control Act

The Atomic Energy Control Act is proclaimed Under the act, the Government of Canada establishes the Atomic Energy Control Boardas a regulatory agency to provide for “control and supervision of the development, application and use of atomic energy and to enable Canada to participate effectively in measures of international control of atomic energy.”

Second Annual Report

Canada’s Atomic Energy Control Regulations are published These enable the AECB to fulfill its mandate of controlling the development of nuclear energy and restricting disclosure of related information. The regulations contain no significant references to health and safety. For the next decade, the AECB is mainly involved in approving the use of radioactive materials.


Canada’s first research reactor begins operation The National Research Experimental reactor begins operation at Chalk River Laboratories. At the time, it is the world’s most powerful nuclear research reactor. Its isotope production gives Canada the lead in nuclear medicine. (Source: Canadian Nuclear Association)

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