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Dr. Alan T. Prince

(1975 - 1978)


Alan T. Prince is appointed AECB President Dr. Alan T. Prince becomes President of the AECB and serves until 1978. Dr. Prince, a geologist, had held senior positions in Energy, Mines and Resources. His appointment is seen as a signal of greater involvement of the ministry in nuclear regulation.


Construction begins on a 680MW CANDU reactor at Point Lepreau, New Brunswick Today, New Brunswick Power Corporation (NB Power) owns and is licensed to operate the Point Lepreau Generating Station. NB Power also operates a nuclear waste management facility at the station. The CNSC has full-time staff onsite who perform inspections to evaluate operations and verify compliance with regulatory requirements and licence conditions.


The AECB directs a large-scale radiation reduction program at Port Hope, Ontario More than 100,000 tons of contaminated soil is transferred to a site at Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.’s Chalk River Laboratories.


Governments coordinate clean-up of radioactive contamination in Canadian communities The Federal-Provincial Task Force on Radioactivity is set up to coordinate the clean up of radioactive contamination in communities throughout Canada. Major remedial work is intended for the Ontario municipalities of Port Hope, Elliot Lake and Bancroft, as well as Uranium City, Saskatchewan. Search operations take place over an area of some 125,000 square kilometres, necessitating thousands of hours of controlled flying under winter conditions.


Canada places conditions on supplying nuclear materials to states without weapons Canada announces that it will supply nuclear materials, equipment and technology to states without nuclear weapons only if they have ratified the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or other accepted international safeguards that include inspections of their nuclear programs.


The Nuclear Liability Act comes into force The Nuclear Liability Act, which received Royal Assent on June 26, 1970, comes into force. The act, which is administered by the AECB, places exclusive and absolute liability on operators of nuclear installations for injuries or damages caused by nuclear incidents, and requires such liability to be covered by insurance.


Site approval is granted for a new generating station in Darlington, Ontario By this time, Canada counts five generating stations in full or partial operation.

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