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Dr. Agnes J. Bishop

(1994 - 2001)


Task force established to draft new AECB regulations The AECB establishes a task force to draft regulations that use simple language, minimize cross-referencing and reflect the industry's high standards for security and safety standards. The purpose is to have regulations that are simpler to apply and enable more effective monitoring for compliance.


Agnes J. Bishop is appointed AECB President Dr. Agnes J. Bishop is appointed President of the AECB. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien says, "By appointing a highly respected physician to the position, the government is emphasizing its commitment to health and safety. The AECB is an important regulatory Board for all Canadians. We look to Dr. Bishop for leadership in ensuring that the use of nuclear energy does not pose an undue risk to health, safety, security and the environment."


Canada signs the Nuclear Safety Convention AECB President Dr. Agnes Bishop signs the Nuclear Safety Convention on behalf of the Government of Canada. André Ouellette, Minister of Foreign Affairs, says, “I’m proud to say that Canada was the first country to sign the Convention. I call on all states to sign this document soon and to bring it into force. The Nuclear Safety Convention will provide an important international forum to promote the safety and effective regulation of nuclear facilities.”


The AECB goes online The AECB launched its website in 1995. The AECB Annual Report 1995–1996 proudly reported that “The AECB became a destination on the "information highway'' during the reporting period, establishing a home page on the world Wide Web, which greatly expands the availability of information that lends itself to electronic publishing.”


The AECB goes online The AECB Emergency Response plan is approved The AECB Emergency Response plan is implemented and tested in 1999–2000 through emergency simulation exercises involving representatives from international, federal, provincial, regional and municipal organizations, as well as AECB licensees.


The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is formed The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is formed under the new Nuclear Safety and Control Act. It replaces the Atomic Energy Control Board, Canada's nuclear regulator for more than 50 years.

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