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Message from Jon H. Jennekens, Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB) President from 1978 to 1987 : Text version

Former AECB President Jon H. Jennekens said a few words to mark the 65th anniversary of Canada’s nuclear regulator.

Watch the video

An image of an atom appears on a background of various shades of blue, along with a flash of light that fades to reveal the gold and blue Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) logo with a maple leaf in the centre. The logo moves to the right of the screen and the words “65th anniversary” appear on the left. The logo fades away to reveal the words “CNSC 65th anniversary message from Jon H. Jennekens”.

Mr. Jennekens appears on screen to deliver his message. He is seated and occupies the right-hand side of the screen. On the left is a picture of a man in a helmet working at a nuclear power plant. He delivers the following speech:

"The enactment of the Atomic Energy Control Act on August 31, 1946, and the creation shortly thereafter of the Atomic Energy Control Board serve as important milestones of the participation by Canada in the development of the military, and then, later, the peaceful use of atomic energy.

The 65th anniversary of those events provides an opportunity for Canadians to recognize the outstanding contribution made by men and women who enabled Canada to achieve the remarkable achievements that it did in the field of nuclear science and engineering, and who continue to do so."

Upon the speech’s completion, Mr. Jennekens’ face fades out and the CNSC logo reappears with a flash of translucent light passing over it. The following sentence appears: “Copyright Her Majesty, the Queen in Right of Canada as represented by Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, 2010” The word “Canada” written in white, along with a Canadian flag, then appears on a black background, and the video ends.

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