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Proposed nuclear facility – Global First Power Micro Modular Reactor Project

Global First Power (GFP) is seeking CNSC approval for a licence to prepare site (LTPS) for a micro modular reactor (MMR) at the Chalk River Laboratories (CRL) site in Renfrew County, Ontario, approximately 200 kilometres northwest of Ottawa.

The proposed project includes a nuclear plant that contains a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor providing up to (approximately) 45 megawatts (thermal) of process heat to an adjacent plant via molten salt, which will generate electrical power and/or heat over an operating lifespan of 40 years.

A CNSC licence is required under subsection 24(2) of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA) in order for the project to proceed. However, an environmental assessment (EA) is required under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012) before the Commission can make an NSCA licensing decision.

Licensee: Global First Power
Reactor type: High-temperature gas-cooled reactor
Owner: Global First Power
Number of units: Up to 1 reactor
Installed capacity: Up to 45 MWth
Status: Application under review
Licensing documentation: Request a copy of GFP’s licence application by emailing, or visit GFP’s website.
Facility website: Global First Power

Latest news

  • August 4, 2023: GFP submits a letter to inform CNSC staff of updates to the MMR project design.
  • June 2023: GFP submits additional information to support the programmatic aspects of its application for an LTPS for an MMR at CRL. Additional information on other aspects of the LTPS is anticipated between January and March 2024.
  • May 6, 2021: The CNSC determines that GFP’s management system documentation and its plan for additional submissions are sufficient to begin the technical review.
  • March and April 2021: GFP submits management system documentation in support of its application for an LTPS for an MMR at CRL.
  • July 16, 2020: A record of decision on the scope of an EA for the proposed MMR at the CRL site is issued. The Commission determined that the scope of the factors includes paragraphs 19(1)(a) to (h) of CEAA 2012, with no additional factors.
  • July 15, 2019: The notice of commencement of an EA is posted, inviting the public and Indigenous Nations and communities to comment on the project description. The comment period closed on September 14, 2019.
  • March 20, 2019: GFP submits a partial application for an LTPS for Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation’s MMR technology at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s property at the CRL location.

Commission proceedings

The Commission is an independent administrative tribunal set up at arm's length from government, without ties to the nuclear industry. Use the links below to find documents related to Commission meetings or hearings.

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Regulatory actions

The CNSC posts regulatory enforcement actions taken to protect the health, safety and security of Canadians and the environment. Use the links below to find out more about any orders or penalties that have been placed on this licensee.

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Licensees must report events and incidents involving licensed activities that could impact the health, safety and security of Canadians and the environment to the CNSC. Use the links below to find any information provided by this licensee, as well as other public disclosures made by licensees.

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Protecting Canadians and the environment


The CNSC uses information provided by licensees to create its own reports assessing the environmental effects of nuclear facilities or licensed activities.

Health and safety

The CNSC oversees licensee emergency planning and works with other levels of government to ensure the health and safety of Canadians. It also conducts and reviews health studies on various areas associated with the production, possession or use of nuclear substances.

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