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Vocational training providers

The vocational training program forms the basis of the knowledge and skills required to safely operate an exposure device. Appendix A in CSA PCP-09, Exposure Device Operator Personnel Certification Guide – Revision 1, provides detailed information regarding vocational training objectives, administration and documentation.

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Information for EDO candidates

Vocational training provides the EDO candidate with foundational knowledge required to become certified as an EDO. The vocational training program should cover, at minimum, the following subject areas:

  1. Fundamentals of radiation and radioactivity
  2. Detection, measurement and units of radiation
  3. Regulatory requirements
  4. Security
  5. Operational procedures
  6. Radiation protection

The vocational training program should consist of at least 40 hours of classroom instruction on radiation safety and regulation, with the theory of gamma radiography forming the foundation for the practical knowledge and skills required to perform the job. The training should also be completed in accordance with CSA PCP-09.

EDO candidates must retain documentation of completed vocational training and include copies with their application for initial EDO certification.

Information for vocational training providers

It is important that vocational training is current to industry and regulatory requirements and meets the basis for knowledge detailed in appendix A, section A1 of CSA PCP-09, Exposure Device Operator Personnel Certification Guide – Revision 1.

The CNSC expects training providers to give learners a certificate or letter containing the following information as documentation of satisfactory completion of vocational training:

  • the full legal name of the EDO candidate
  • an attestation that the EDO candidate has satisfactorily completed a 40 hour vocational training course in accordance with CSA PCP-09
  • the date the training was satisfactorily completed
  • the full name and signature of the training provider and their contact information

Training providers are expected to retain training records including certificates of satisfactory completion signed by the authorized authority within the training organization. All records and certificates may be requested for audit purposes at any time by the CNSC in order to verify that training is delivered in accordance with guidance in this document.

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