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Maintenance of exposure device operator certification

The CNSC maintains a registry of all certified exposure device operators (EDOs). It is the responsibility of all certified EDOs to keep their personal and contact information up to date with the CNSC. Certified EDOs must also retain the CNSC issued certified EDO card as proof of their certification status. For more information, refer to CSA PCP-09, Exposure Device Operator Personnel Certification Guide – Revision 1 Section 7.

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Updating your personal information

The CNSC maintains a registry containing the names and certification information of all certified exposure device operators (EDOs). Certified EDOs are responsible for maintaining current personal and contact information with the CNSC.

Submit the certification maintenance form, along with any additional documentation indicated in the form, to update the address the CNSC has on file (either mailing or email address) or to notify the CNSC of a legal name change.

When updating your legal name, please provide supporting documentation (e.g., copy of valid Canadian Government recognized photo ID complete with new name and signature; copy of marriage certificate/licence, etc.) along with the form.

Replacing a lost, damaged, or stolen certification card

It is the responsibility of any certified EDO to retain the CNSC-issued certified EDO card as proof of certification status.

If an EDO certificate is lost, stolen or damaged, a replacement must be obtained as soon as possible by completing and submitting a certification maintenance form to the CNSC.

If you are within 6 months of the expiry of your certification, you should still submit a request for replacement of the lost, damaged, or stolen card. This ensures you have proof of your certification status while preparing the renewal application and awaiting the CNSC decision on the renewal.

Where to submit

Submit the information to the CNSC by mail, fax or email:



Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Personnel Certification Division
P.O. Box 1046, Station B
280 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 5S9

Fax: 613-995-5086

Documents supporting your certification

It is the responsibility of the trainee or certified EDO to retain personal supporting documents of the ongoing training, examination and work activities they complete.

Supporting documents may include:

  • work or training logs signed by a supervisor
  • certificates of completion
  • attestation letter from an employer
  • other formal documents that show you have completed a training activity and the duration of that activity

A template work log and continuing training log are available for use. Both documents provide greater amounts of detail on what activities the CNSC expects certified EDOs to complete.

Workers may be required to provide these records to the CNSC upon request. The CNSC does not maintain supporting document records for certified EDOs or trainees.

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