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Meet the Nuclear Regulator Registration Request Form

If you need help completing this form, face any technical difficulties, or have additional questions or concerns send an email to or call 1-800-668-5284.

Please enter the following information about the Meet the Nuclear Regulator session you would like to attend. If you are registering for multiple participants, please complete the form for each participant.

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Privacy notice

Personal information collected on this form is protected under the Federal Privacy Act and will be used to register participants for Meet the Nuclear Regulator sessions. The personal information collected will be used to register participants, provide session materials, provide follow-up information, and collect statistical information to help improve future sessions.  Failure to provide the requested information may impact the CNSC's ability to register participants.  Information may also be used for statistical and demographic purposes.  In the event that you would like to exercise your right to access or correct your personal information, please refer to Info Source.

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