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Webinar series: Regulatory framework and activities

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is holding a series of webinars to explain its processes for licensing, certification and compliance verification. This is your opportunity to speak with experts from across the CNSC, who will be available to answer your questions.

Discussion topics

Sessions will include:

  • an overview of the CNSC regulatory framework and the role of regulatory documents
  • details about how CNSC staff conduct licensing activities
  • how the CNSC verifies licensee compliance with requirements

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Topic Date and time Webinar summary Registration
CNSC Regulatory framework and role of regulatory documents

November 24, 2021

11 am to noon EDT

The CNSC's regulatory framework consists of laws passed by Parliament that govern the regulation of Canada's nuclear industry, as well as regulations, licences and documents that the CNSC uses to regulate the industry. The information in the framework falls into 2 broad categories: requirements and guidance on requirements. Registration
How the CNSC conducts licensing activities

November 30, 2021

11 am to noon EDT

CNSC licensing activities aim to ensure that activities are authorized only if the applicant is qualified to carry out the licensed activities, and if the applicant will make adequate provision for:

  • protection of the environment,
  • the health and safety of persons
  • the maintenance of national security
  • measures to implement Canada’s domestic and international obligations
How the CNSC conducts compliance and verification activities

December 14, 2021

11 am to noon EDT

Compliance indicates conformance with the requirements of the regulations made under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act, and any licences, decisions, certificates and orders issued by the CNSC.  It is the responsibility of regulated persons or organizations to maintain compliance. Registration

Questions about the webinar

The CNSC welcomes questions prior to the webinar.

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