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Service Standards for Certification of Exposure Device Operators - Initial Screening

Service standard:
If your application is not complete you will be notified within 10 calendar days of receiving your application.

Performance target:
The target for achieving this standard is set at 100% under normal circumstances.

Performance results:
The target was met 100% of the time during fiscal year 2012-13.

Applying for Exposure Device Operator Certification

Exposure Device Operator Certification Process

Certification of Exposure Device Operators (G-229)

Application Form for Exposure Device Operator Certification

Your completed application can be submitted to the CNSC by mail, email or fax:

Accounting Operations Section
Finance and Administration Directorate
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
280 Slater Street
P.O. Box 1046, Station B
Ottawa, ON
K1P 5S9


Fax: 613-995-5086

Service feedback:
If you believe the CNSC is not meeting its performance standards, please contact the CNSC at 1-800-668-5284, and ask to speak to the Personnel Certification Division (PCD); or email

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