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Forward regulatory plan

The forward regulatory plan is a public list, with descriptions, of planned or anticipated regulatory changes (regulatory initiatives) that the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) intends to propose or finalize within a 2-year period.

It may also include regulatory initiatives that are expected to be brought forward over a longer time frame. These are designated as long-term initiatives.

Some of the initiatives in this plan may be linked to the regulatory stock review plan, our multi-year plan to review existing regulations.

Forward regulatory plans help individual Canadians, Indigenous Nations and communities, businesses and trading partners plan for:

  • opportunities to provide feedback during regulatory development
  • future regulatory changes

The forward regulatory plan briefly describes each regulatory initiative and identifies:

  • who may be affected by a regulatory initiative
  • regulatory cooperation efforts undertaken or planned
  • opportunities for public consultation
  • links to related information or analysis
  • departmental contact information

The forward regulatory plan will be updated over time to reflect:

  • progress in regulatory development
  • changes to our regulatory priorities or our operating environment

Consult our acts and regulations page for:

  • a list of the acts and regulations that we administer
  • further information on our implementation of government-wide regulatory management initiatives

Consult the following for information on supporting policies and government-wide regulatory initiatives:

To learn about upcoming or ongoing consultations on proposed federal regulations, visit the Canada Gazette or the Government of Canada’s Open Government website, under "Find a consultation".

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