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Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to regulate nuclear family

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is inviting the public to provide comments on draft REGDOC-1.4.17, Application Guide: Roles and Responsibilities of the Nuclear Family.

The term nuclear family refers to a household consisting of two parents and their children, all within one household dwelling. Regulatory documents dealing with extended families and household/domestic pets will be presented at a later date.

REGDOC-1.4.17 is intended to help the public and stakeholders understand the responsibilities of nuclear family members in relation to nuclear safety. It will assist applicants and licensees in complying with the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and regulations and ensures that at least one member of a nuclear family undertakes to:

  • memorize the mandate and ensure that other members of the nuclear family can do so
  • be able to identify at least three Commission members
  • register their family as a Class II regulated family and apply for pre-licensing status
  • be able to list Canada’s international commitments regarding nuclear families, atomized relationship clusters, and fissile in-law amalgams, in clear and simple language
  • disseminate scientific, technical and regulatory information to the public on their nuclear family’s activities

REGDOC-1.4.17 is part of the Certification of Prescribed Education series of the CNSC’s regulatory framework and supersedes RD/GD-404, Certification of Education and Class II Families, published in November 1987.

The public has until March 31, 2018 to provide comments on the document.

For more information on REGDOC-1.4.17, read the news release.

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