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Document History of REGDOC-3.4.1, Guide for Applicants and Intervenors Writing CNSC Commission Member Documents

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This document provides guidance for writing Commission member documents (CMDs) for submission to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

This document addresses the following aspects of writing an effective CMD:

  • a brief overview of the hearing process
  • guiding principles and points to remember
  • writing tips (such as principles of plain language, and the use of visual aids)
  • suggested format and order of information for applicants and intervenors preparing CMDs, so that externally submitted CMDs are in the same format as CNSC staff submissions
  • preparing and filing a CMD presentation

This document focuses on preparing a CMD that presents a case about a licensing application that has been made to the Commission. Section 4 of this document is specific to preparing CMDs for licensing decisions. Section 5 focuses on preparing CMDs for other types of submissions.

Version 1.1 includes administrative updates to references to the Secretariat. As of January 1, 2022, the Commission Secretariat was renamed the Commission Registry and the Commission Secretary became the Commission Registrar.


February 2022: Published

Document Milestone Dates Links
Publication March 2012 GD-379, Guide for Applicants and Intervenors: Writing CNSC Commission Member Documents | PDF
Publication March 2017 View REGDOC-3.4.1 [HTML] [PDF]
Publication February 2022 View REGDOC-3.4.1, Version 1.1 [HTML] [PDF]

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