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Document History of REGDOC-2.2.2, Personnel Training

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REGDOC-2.2.2, Personnel Training, Version 2 was published in December 2016. While there will be no impact on any REGDOC-2.2.2 requirements, the update provides additional guidance for the creation of radiation safety training programs.

This document sets out the requirements and guidance for the analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation, documentation and management of training at nuclear facilities within Canada, including the principles and elements essential to an effective training system.

Consistent with the CNSC regulatory philosophy and with international practice, licensees are responsible for the safe operation of their respective nuclear facilities. Consequently, licensees are responsible for training and assessing their workers to ensure that they are fully qualified to perform the duties of their positions, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

This document is part of the Human Performance Management series of the CNSC's regulatory framework, which also covers human performance and personnel certification.

REGDOC-2.2.2, Personnel Training, Version 2 supersedes:

  • REGDOC-2.2.2, Personnel Training (2014)
  • G-313, Radiation Safety Training Programs for Workers Involved in Licensed Activities with Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices, and with Class II Nuclear Facilities and Prescribed Equipment (2006)


December 30, 2016: Published.

Document Milestone Dates Links
Consultation May 3, 2013 to July 4, 2013 View the Information Bulletin 13-06
View the consultation version of Draft REGDOC-2.2.3
(Draft REGDOC-2.2.2 HTML) (Draft REGDOC-2.2.2 PDF)
Invitation to provide feedback on comments received July 17 to August 8, 2013 View the comments received:
Feedback received  
Meeting with interested stakeholders October 7, 2013  
Additional consultation: limited to those who participated during initial consultation period January 6-March 6, 2014 View the email to commenters (PDF), the comments table (PDF) and the additional consultation version of REGDOC-2.2.2 (PDF)
Presentation to the Commission June 19, 2014 View the consultation report (PDF) and comments received (PDF)
Publication August 13, 2014 View News Release
Consultation on Annex A only April 12 to May 12, 2016

View News Release
View [HTML version of Draft Annex A] [PDF version of Draft Annex A]

  • Request for Information – Personnel Training, Annex A only (HTML) (PDF)
Invitation to provide feedback on comments received on Annex A June 1 to June 22, 2016 View the comments received:
Feedback on comments received July 6, 2016 No feedback was received
Publication December 30, 2016

View News Release
View [HTML REGDOC-2.2.2 Version 2] [PDF REGDOC-2.2.2 Version 2]

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