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How to gain free access to all nuclear-related CSA standards

The CNSC uses external (as well as internal) forms of guidance to develop their regulatory documents. This includes information on best practices and domestic and international standards including standards published by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). CSA standards are an important part of the CNSC's regulatory framework and complement regulatory documents that are developed by CNSC staff develop.

In order to view these standards for free, you must first access the CSA Communities platform which provides view access to all nuclear related CSA standards.

To register for access to CSA standards, visit to create a CSA Communities account.

For new users:

Create an account by consulting the CSA Communities webpage.

  • Under "Don't have an account?", enter your email address and click "Confirm address"
  • You will receive a verification email with a link to a page where you can set up your account with your name, email, and password
  • Once you are set up, go to the view access nuclear community for CSA standards

For registered users:

  • Go directly to the view access nuclear community for CSA standards
  • At the prompt, enter your Username and Password; you will then be taken to the View Access for CSA nuclear standards.

If you run into any issues trying to access the CSA Communities, please contact the CSA Nuclear Program at

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