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Memorandum of Understanding between Environment Canada and the CNSC

In June 2012, Environment Canada (EC) and the CNSC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlining areas of mutual interest in which the two organizations would cooperate. This MoU expands on—and replaces—the successful previous arrangement between the two organizations, first signed in 2003. The document will also serve as a transition to regulatory changes currently underway, as part of the Government’s Responsible Resource Development initiative.

The MoU identifies areas of cooperation between EC and the CNSC, concerning the implementation of their mandates and ensuring compliance with various pieces of legislation related to nuclear projects. Annex I to the MoU specifies points of contact and provides a detailed procedure for mutual notification in the event of an environmental occurrence.

While the mandate of the CNSC derives from the Nuclear Safety and Control Act, and Environment Canada's mandate is set out by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, both organizations are obligated to protect the environment by ensuring compliance with several federal acts and regulations in the development and operation of nuclear projects. This MOU outlines the cooperation between the two entities, in order to minimize the duplication of effort and encourage efficient delivery of services through information sharing, consultation in developing policies, training opportunities and joint inspection and enforcement actions.

Read the MoU between Environment Canada and the CNSC. (PDF)

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