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Events Reporting: Academic and Research


McMaster University

Date of event: July 25, 2020

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

On July 25, 2020, the CNSC was informed that a limit switch indicating the position of a safety system failed to actuate when the reactor was shut down at the end of a shift. Safety was not compromised, the safety system was never challenged, and several other signals remained available to trip the reactor had there been a need. Repairs were made and the reactor was restarted without further incident. CNSC staff will review the investigation report once completed and determine if any further action is required.


McMaster University

Date of event: June 15, 2018

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

On June 20, 2018 the CNSC duty officer received a call from the radiation safety officer at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, to advise that a worker had potentially exceeded a shift action level, as established in the McMaster radiation protection program. On June 25, CNSC staff conducted a site inspection at McMaster University and concluded that McMaster Health Physics responded appropriately to the event. Based on the currently available dose estimate, no regulatory dose limits were exceeded.

CNSC staff is awaiting the root cause analysis and final dosimetry evaluation for further review and analysis.

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