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Departmental Actions to respond to the Red Tape Reduction Commission's Recommendations Report

The Red Tape Reduction Action Plan sets out the Government of Canada' s common-sense approach to cutting red tape so entrepreneurs can focus on doing business and creating jobs.  The Action Plan introduces fundamental, system-wide reforms and department-specific changes that address a broad range of irritants to businesses, as well as the systemic barriers that unnecessarily frustrate and burden Canadian business with additional delays, costs, and bureaucracy.


Annual compliance reporting

Annual compliance reporting (ACR) is required for all nuclear substances, radiation devices and Class II equipment and facilities licences. ACR forms are available to stakeholders to facilitate the electronic submission of ACR information to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

To reduce red tape, the CNSC launched an initiative to modernize ACR submissions. The initiative has resulted in streamlined ACR forms, which are available in fillable PDF format and may be submitted electronically. These improvements benefit businesses by reducing the time required to prepare forms, introducing the capability to save information electronically for ACR submissions and reducing effort in submitting information.

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Licence transfers

Under certain circumstances – as per the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA), sections 24(2) and 24(4) – the CNSC may authorize the transfer of a licence from one licensee to another, or to a new licence applicant, provided there has been no significant change in the licensed activity. This process is intended to simplify the regulatory process for licensees, while ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met.

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Nuclear Materials Accountancy Reporting

Licensees who are allowed to possess nuclear material (uranium, thorium, and plutonium) are also required to report their holdings and inventory changes to the CNSC. Traditionally, this nuclear material accounting (NMA) data has been couriered, faxed, mailed, or emailed to the CNSC. In 2013, the CNSC introduced the Nuclear Materials Accountancy Reporting (NMAR) online e-business system that enables licensees to submit their NMA reports to the CNSC electronically. Once submitted, the NMA reports are automatically uploaded to the NMAS database and electronically filed with the CNSC for future reference. Electronic submissions help ease the reporting process for licensees who are required to submit nuclear material reports.

Licensees can submit their reports through the CNSC's e-business website.

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