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Dispute Resolution Mechanism for Regulatory Activity Assignments

This dispute resolution mechanism addresses complaints regarding regulatory activity assignments through the line management in the CNSC Operations Branch. For instance, it would include disputes over the assignment of CNSC resources and the base and variable hour values in formula fee calculations.

  1. Any licensee wishing to dispute the regulatory activities assigned to them by CNSC staff under the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Cost Recovery Fees Regulations should contact the director general responsible for their licensed facility or activity, orally or in writing, to discuss the issue.

    CNSC directors general are responsible for licensed facilities/activities as follows:

    Facility or activity Director General
    • Bruce Nuclear Generating Stations
    • Darlington Nuclear Generating Station
    • Gentilly-2 nuclear facility
    • Pickering Nuclear Generating Station
    • Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station
    Alexandre Viktorov
    • Nuclear substances and radiation devices
    • Class 1B particle accelerators (CLS and TRIUMF)
    • Class II nuclear facilities
    • Packaging and transport
    • Certification and prescribed equipment
    Karen Owen-Whitred
    • Dosimetry services
    Haidy Tadros
    • Uranium mines and mills
    • Nuclear research and test establishments (e.g., Canadian Nuclear Laboratories – Chalk River Laboratories and Whiteshell facilities)
    • Non-power reactors (e.g., SLOWPOKEs and sub-critical facilities)
    • Nuclear processing facilities (all licensed facilities in Port Hope, SRBT, Nordion, GE-Hitachi)
    • Waste and decommissioning
    Kavita Murthy
  2. If the issue is not resolved to the licensee’s satisfaction by the appropriate director general, the licensee will be asked to document the issue and submit it for consideration to:

    Ramzi Jammal,
    Executive Vice-President and Chief Regulatory Operations Officer

The Executive Vice-President (EVP), Regulatory Operations Branch, will investigate the issue and give the licensee an opportunity to present its case in person or in writing. Following this, the EVP will respond in writing to the licensee.

This process only applies to the assignment of regulatory activities, not to the administration of fees (dispute resolution mechanism for fee administration).

General inquiries on the CNSC’S Cost Recovery Program can be made to the Director of the Financial Management and Internal Controls Division at:

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