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Cost Recovery Advisory Group (CRAG) terms of reference

November 2007


The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Cost Recovery Advisory Group (CRAG) is a vehicle through which group members will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the operational management of CNSC's cost recovery program. Group members will consist of stakeholder representatives from industry and a representative from the CNSC. 

CRAG will: 

  • provide stakeholder representatives information on the operational management of the CNSC's cost recovery program
  • allow stakeholder representatives the opportunity to provide feedback to the CNSC on the operational management of its cost recovery program
  • allow the CNSC to seek input from stakeholder representatives should any changes be proposed to the CNSC cost recovery program


The mandate of CRAG is to provide a forum for ongoing open and transparent consultation with group members with regard to the operational management of the CNSC's cost recovery program.


CRAG's mandate includes discussing items concerning the operational management of the the CNSC's cost recovery program and the CNSC financial updates. This includes the presentation of any relevant benchmarking studies or financial audits

Respecting the independence of the Commission, as well as the established legislative and public regulatory processes, CRAG's mandate does not extend to:

  • discussing items or issues currently before the Commission (e.g., licence applications)
  • negotiating issues to be part of the Commission's regulatory agenda
  • discussing regulatory policy issues beyond the scope of the cost recovery program
  • discussing the appropriateness or extent of the CNSC's regulatory effort with respect to individual licensees
  • discussing the appropriateness of any federal policy or legislation on cost recovery or user fees

Roles and responsibilities

The CNSC's Executive Committee is responsible for establishing and amending, as required, the terms of reference for CRAG.  

The Chair of CRAG is responsible for:

  • setting the date, time and place of all CRAG meetings and for ensuring that this information is provided to members
  • organizing all CRAG meetings and ensuring that minutes of the meetings are taken and distributed to members and posted on the CNSC website
  • ensuring that CRAG members are given a fair opportunity to present their points of view
  • providing CRAG members with information on the CNSC cost recovery program, cost structure, costing and fee setting methodology, when requested
  • for reporting the views of CRAG members to the CNSC Executive Committee

Stakeholder representatives are responsible for presenting the views and ideas of the organizations they represent and for reporting the views of CRAG members to the licensees they represent, where possible.


CRAG will consist of eighteen (18) members holding office for a two year renewable term. 

Representation in CRAG is indicated in the following table, and includes:

  • Seventeen stakeholder representatives – senior representatives from licensing groups and associations or councils
  • One senior representative from the CNSC who will be the chair and will report to the CNSC Executive Committee

Licensees exempt from paying cost recovery fees will not be represented on CRAG. Since many of the CNSC's licensees hold more than one type of licence, membership on CRAG will be restricted to one representative per organization, irrespective of the number of licences held by that organization.

CNSC Cost Recovery Advisory Group membership

Number of members


Stakeholder representatives


Canadian Nuclear Association


Nuclear reactors


Nuclear research and test facilities


Uranium processing facilities


Uranium mines


Nuclear substance processing facilities




Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories


Canadian Industrial Radiography Safety Association


Nuclear substances and prescribed equipment

0 – represented above

Waste management facilities



0 – represented above


CNSC representative


CNSC representative (the Chair)


CRAG members in total

The CRAG membership will be reviewed periodically and revised, if necessary, based on changes in the field and at the discretion of the CNSC.

Meeting Schedule

CRAG will meet at least once annually with additional meetings called as required. 

Meeting Place

CRAG meetings will be held at the CNSC's offices in Ottawa. Telephone conferences will be considered to save both travel time and costs. 

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