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Request for Information on Potential Impacts of Draft REGDOC-2.1.1, Management System

1. Preface

Acknowledging the draft nature of this document, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is seeking a preliminary assessment of the potential impacts of draft REGDOC-2.1.1 should it receive Commission approval. The CNSC welcomes comments on this document as well as on the proposed regulatory document itself.

Comments could include additional information on potential impacts should the regulatory document be approved by the Commission and subsequently implemented. Should stakeholders decide to submit impact estimates, the CNSC encourages them to clearly state assumptions and provide enough detail to allow an independent observer to understand how the estimate was derived.

The CNSC will consider comments received. Comments will be included in the main REGDOC disposition table and may lead to modifications in the draft REGDOC.

In fulfilling its mandate as a federal regulator, the CNSC must also consider values and principles that are difficult to quantify with a dollar value. It must also give consideration to fulfilling its responsibility under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act to disseminate objective scientific and regulatory information. In all cases, safety is the CNSC’s top priority.

All comments received will become part of the public record.

2. Background

A well-implemented management system is a key contributor to the safety of a nuclear facility.  An effective management system provides a heightened degree of assurance of safe operation, as well as a tool for management to direct and control a nuclear facility. The current management system standard CSA N286, Management system requirements for nuclear facilities, provides overall direction for developing sound management practices and controls, while other nuclear standards provide technical requirements and guidance that support the management system.

REGDOC-2.1.1 consolidates CNSC expectations for the management system Safety and Control Area (SCA) as well as applicable references in legislation. This regulatory document contains supplemental information on CNSC expectations for meeting requirements in CSA N286, and will also be used to provide more information on various and emerging issues in the management system SCA.

3. Objectives

There are a number of standards in the CSA N286 suite; this regulatory document will allow licensees and new applicants to see all of them at a glance, as well as relevant legislation and topics of interest to CNSC and industry on management systems.

4. Regulatory approach

Since this document is for information only, there are no requirements, but only expanded information to help explain the management system area to licensees.

5. Potential impacts

The CNSC welcomes stakeholder comments on potential impacts, should draft REGDOC-2.1.1 be approved. Stakeholders may consider impacts in terms of costs, operations or other impacts.

6. Feedback requested

Please submit comments or feedback to the CNSC by August 31, 2018, in one of the following ways:

  • Email:
  • Mail: Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
    P.O. Box 1046, Station B
    280 Slater Street
    Ottawa, ON  K1P 5S9
  • Fax: 613-995-5086

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