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Document History of Discussion Paper DIS-14-01: Design Extension Conditions for Nuclear Power Plants

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This discussion paper presents a summary of the CNSC’s views on design extension conditions (DECs), with the intent of establishing a dialogue with stakeholders on DECs and arriving at a common understanding of the associated terminology and application of the concept of DECs. These discussions are proposed in part to respond to recommendations made by the CNSC Fukushima Task Force, and to clarify the basis for any regulatory changes that may be needed for DECs.

Comments received during consultation for DIS-14-01, Design Extension Conditions for Nuclear Power Plants are posted on the CNSC website. The public, licensees, and interested organizations are invited to provide feedback on these comments.


The What We Heard Report has been published.

Document milestone Dates Links
Consultation August 29, 2014 to January 16, 2015 View discussion paper (DIS-14-01 HTML) (DIS-14-01 PDF)
Invitation to provide feedback on comments received January 27, 2015 to February 16, 2015 View the comments received:
Publication of What We Heard Report March 18, 2015 What We Heard Report

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