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Administrative Burden Baseline (2014)

In its Red Tape Reduction Action Plan, the Government committed to build on the efforts of the Paperwork Burden Reduction Initiative by requiring departments, through the Administrative Burden Baseline, to provide a count of the requirements in federal regulations.

While regulating the nuclear industry, the CNSC imposes requirements on licensees and licence applicants to ensure the health, safety and security of Canadians and the environment. The CNSC will never compromise safety.

All CNSC-administered federal regulations with requirements on business are identified below. The total count for the year 2014 is 8169.

Title of regulation SOR Number 2014 count
General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations 2000-202 96
Radiation Protection Regulation 2000-203 55
Class I Nuclear Facilities Regulations 2000-204 125
Class II Nuclear Facilities and Prescribed Equipment Regulations 2000-205 3,284
Uranium Mines and Mills Regulations 2000-206 170
Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices Regulations 2000-207 3,650
Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations 2000-208 124
Nuclear Security Regulations 2000-209 41
Nuclear Non-proliferation Import and Export Control Regulations 2000-210 556
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Rules of Procedure 2000-211 68
Total count   8,169

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