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Employee Benefits at a Glance

The CNSC is focused on helping its employees develop their careers and take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow as world-class professionals. A number of unique benefits are offered and these are designed to support balance and productivity:

Banked Time

The CNSC offers you the opportunity to bank productive work time, with the approval of your manager. If you work in excess of your normal hours of work—whether on a normal work day, a day of rest, or a designated holiday—you can accumulate your extra hours and take this time off at a later date.

Bilingual Bonus

The CNSC has made the independent decision to offer its employees a bilingualism bonus because it recognizes the importance bilingualism plays in maintaining employees’ mobility within the greater Public Service. Our method of calculating the bonus (the amount increases with the level attained) directly rewards employees' efforts to improve their language skills.

The bilingualism bonus consists of annual payment on each pay cheque, up to $1,200 annually. If you are eligible, you can receive the bilingualism bonus for any month in which you receive a minimum of 10 days pay in a position where the bilingualism bonus applies. If you’re a part-time employee, you can receive the bonus prorated to the normal hours an employee is expected to work.

Awards and Recognition

Our awards and recognition practices are designed to foster excellence and pride in your work and to encourage your individual and collective commitment to our organization’s goals and objectives.


The CNSC is committed to supporting you in developing your skills and knowledge because this enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations and builds a professional, competent, versatile, and motivated workforce.

Career Opportunities at the CNSC

The CNSC looks to its exceptional staff when career opportunities come up.

Employee Benefits at a Glance
Annual Leave
  • 15 days until year 4
  • 1 additional day per year until year 8
  • 1 additional day every 2 years until year 28 for a maximum of 30 days
  • At the date of hire, an indeterminate employee who had an annual leave entitlement above 15 days with the previous employer, may be granted the same entitlement subject to certain criteria
Annual Leave - Carry-over
  • 2x current annual leave credits
Banked Time
  • Units of 37.5 hours
  • Can be replenished as used
  • Can be used at any time during the week schedule with Managers approval
Bereavement Leave
  • For immediate family members:
    • 5 working days; and
    • 3 travel days to attend funeral
  • For a near relative:
    • 1 working day to attend funeral
Bilingual Bonus
  • Up to $1,200 per year
Care and Nurturing (Leave without pay)
  • Minimum of 3 weeks
  • May not exceed 5 years
Designated Paid Holidays
  • 11 days
Education Leave (Leave without pay)
  • Up to 3 years
  • Employer may provide allowance up to 100% of basic salary
Family-Related Leave
  • Up to 5 days per fiscal year
One-Time Replacement Leave
  • One-time entitlement of 5 days after 1 year of continuous service
  • Replaces marriage leave benefit
  • Overtime rate for work in excess of 7 ½ hour period of work
Maternity/Parental Leave (LeaveWithout Pay)
  • Leave entitlement of 18 weeks maternity and 34 weeks parental for total of 52 weeks
  • REG1 – 8:
    • Top up allowance at 93% for a period of up to 52 weeks if in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI)
Personal Leave
  • 2 days per fiscal year
  • No restrictions on type of leave
Public Service (PS) Benefit Plans
Death Benefit (Mandatory)
  • Employee paid - 2x base salary
Dental Plan (Mandatory)
  • Employer paid
Long Term Disability (Mandatory)
  • Employee paid
  • 70% of salary – 13 weeks waiting period or the expiration of paid sick
Health Care (Optional)
  • Employer paid – level 1
  • Employee/er paid – levels 2 and 3
Pension Plan (Mandatory)
  • Public Service Superannuation Plan
Relocation of Spouse (Leave without Pay)
  • Minimum of 3 months up to 1 year if spouse if permanently relocated or up to 5 years if temporarily relocated
Sick Leave
  • 1.25 days per month
  • Accumulative
Severance Pay
  • Incapacity – maximum of 28 weeks
  • Lay-off – maximum of 30 weeks
  • In case of death – maximum of 30 weeks
Travel Time
  • Overtime rate for travel time in excess of 7 ½ hour period of work and
  • Maximum payment not to exceed 12 hours pay in any day, calculated at
    the straight-time rate

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