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Public Service Employee Survey (PSES)

CNSC employees have developed a dynamic video to encourage their colleagues to complete the PSES.


Video 1: The Public Service Employee Survey – Your Chance to Help Effect Change!

(The PSES logo appears in the center of the screen. The words "Public Service Employee Survey" appear on top of the logo and below it reads "Your Chance to Influence Change!". During this time, the CNSC logo appears below the bottom text. A mouse cursor clicks the centre of the PSES logo and the backdrop changes to a photo of CNSC staff in coloured safety vests).
(A medium shot displaying a woman in a safety vest and hard hat, inspecting a radioactive storage area with a Geiger counter. On the screen, the words "We work hard" enter the screen from the bottom right corner.)

As an employee of the CNSC, you work hard to help fulfill our vision of being the best nuclear regulator in the world.

(A still photo of CNSC staff during a working group meeting fills the screen, followed by a video clip of CNSC staff at a commission hearing. The words "We work towards the same goal" enter from the top left corner of the screen. Following that a still image appears of CNSC staff attending an information session, followed by a video clip of staff discussing a project in a boardroom.)

Whether you’re from Legal, Secretariat, ROB, TSB, RAB or CSB – you are all working towards the same goal of keeping Canadians safe and you do it well. \

(A still photo of a CNSC staff member in a blue vest discussing with a colleague what is displayed on a TV screen. This is followed by a video clip of two CNSC staff in yellow safety vests taking water samples from a lake. The words "We deserve a healthy work environment." appear from the bottom left corner across the screen.)

With all of this responsibility, you deserve to work in an environment you enjoy and feel comfortable in.

(A medium shot of CNSC staff in a meeting discussing what is written on a whiteboard. Followed by, another medium shot of the Human Resources team discussing items at a team meeting. The words "We have the power to make a difference" appear from the bottom left corner of the screen.)

The Public Service Employee Survey, also known as the PSES, gives you the power to voice your thoughts and opinions about your workplace anonymously.

(A medium shot of a CNSC staff member walking towards the camera through a common shared space. On the right third of the screen, the PSES logo appears and the words "This is your chance to influence and initiate change!".)

This is your chance to initiate and help effect change! 

(The screen changes to a grey and white background with the PSES logo. The words "2018 Public Service Employee Survey" appear at the top centre of the screen.)

Many of you probably remember completing the PSES last summer.

(The words "PSES will be conducted annually" appear in the bottom third of the screen on the bottom.)

Good news! The PSES will now be conducted annually as opposed to every three years.

(In the middle of the text, four boxes appear containing information pertaining to the survey. The first box on the left side has the words "Service provider: Administered by Advanis on behalf of TBS", the second box says "Survey Administration: August 20 to September 28", the third box says "91 Questions, 13 new" and the final box says the words "Data release: February 2019".)

This is to ensure that every public service employee is regularly given the opportunity to voice their opinion on workplace issues that prevent them from doing their job effectively.

(All the text and boxes begin to break down into small squares and disappear from the shot.)

This means more opportunities to help effect change on issues you are passionate about!

(A medium shot displaying a CNSC staff member who is speaking directly into the camera, while the staff behind them continue to work on their computers.)

Here is why some of your colleagues complete the survey every year.

(A grey and white background fills the screen with the PSES logo in the bottom left corner. A small tear-drop shape appears on the left side of the screen with a close-up shot of a CNSC staff speaking; below the teardrop, the words "Director, Information Management" appear.)

Employee #1 - I participate in the PSES because I want to see open communication with management and transparency in staffing processes. 

(A second teardrop shape appears with a close-up shot of a CNSC staff speaking; below the teardrop, the words "Coordinator, Human Resources" appear.)

Employee #2 - I participate in the PSES because I want my workplace to be harassment and discrimination free.

(Finally, a third teardrop shape appears with a close-up shot of a CNSC staff speaking; below the teardrop, the words "Director General, Safety Management" appear.)

Employee #3 - I value PSES because it provides me and my management team with the type of feedback that we need in order to improve our processes in a safe and welcoming environment.

(After all three shapes disappear from the screen; a medium shot of staff speaking with their manager appears in a teardrop like shape on the left-side of the screen. While on the other half, the words "1,905 hours" are displayed on the right side of the screen.)

Did you know that the average public service employee spends around 1,905 hours a year at work?

(Within the same teardrop shape [on the left-side of the screen], a new medium close-up shot appears of a CNSC staff speaking to the camera and walking towards a cubicle. Again, within the same teardrop shape [on the left-side of the screen], there is a close-up shot over the shoulder of a CNSC staff as they type at their computer.)

Why settle when you can make a positive difference in the workplace? Take 15–20 minutes out of that 1,905 hours and complete the survey to voice your opinion.

(The teardrop shape opens fully to display a close-up shot of a CNSC staff member speaking and pointing into the camera. The PSES logo appears on the right side of the screen and moves to the center of the screen, thus replacing the background with a grey and white design. The words "PSES" and "August 20th - September 28th" appear on the screen.)

This is your chance to help effect change – complete the survey by September 28.

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