Supplementary Information Tables for Report on Plans and Priorities 2015-16: Upcoming internal audits and evaluations over the next three fiscal years

The following activities are included in the CNSC Risk-Based Audit Plan for the period from 2015–16 to 2017–18. This plan is in the process of being finalized.

The updated plan was tabled at the CNSC's Audit Committee on March 16, 2015 for review by the CNSC's audit committee. It will be sent to the president for final approval in April 2015. It is based on the current capacity of the CNSC's audit function, risk assessments of proposed audit projects, and management responses and action plans for prior audits for follow-up. The revised plan will outline the projects planned for the upcoming three years. Projects undertaken depend on factors such as resources available to the audit function, the scope and complexity of projects, and the CNSC's emerging issues and priorities.

The CNSC has an Audit Committee with three members who are external to the government and two members internal to the Commission. The Committee is chaired by an external member.

Additional information on the CNSC's Internal Audits is available on the CNSC website.

1. Name of internal audit 2. Internal audit type 3. Status 4. Expected completion date
Audit of Nuclear Power Plant Oversight: Licensing and Compliance – Establishment of Roles and Responsibilities Management Planned 2015–16
Audit of Nuclear Power Plant Oversight: Regulatory Compliance Processes Management Planned 2015–16
Preliminary Survey of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Program Preliminary Survey Planned 2015–16
Audit of CNSC's Operational Planning Processes Operational Planned 2015–16
Audit of Procurement and Contracting Compliance Planned 2015–16
Horizontal Internal Audit of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) in Large and Small Departments (OCG Audit) Government-wide Audit Planned 2015–16
All upcoming evaluations over the next three fiscal years
1. Program 2. Proposed title of evaluation 3. Planned evaluation start date 4. Expected completion date
Scientific,Technical, Regulatory and Public Information Program Evaluation of the CSA Group contribution agreement April 2016 March 2017

The only mandatory evaluation scheduled for the next three-year period is a follow-up to the FY 2011–12 evaluation of the CNSC's contribution to the CSA Group (formerly the Canadian Standards Association). Other non-mandatory evaluations will be conducted in accordance with an evaluation plan to be promulgated in spring 2015.

Read the evaluation plan online.

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