Supplementary Information Tables for Report on Plans and Priorities 2014-15: Greening Government Operations

Mandatory reporting on meeting the requirements of Section 7 of the PWGSC Policy on Green Procurement, as applicable to departments and agencies bound by the Policy on Green Procurement but not the Federal Sustainable Development Act.


Approach: The CNSC’s Director General (DG) of Finance and Administration (FAD) is mandated to address all aspects of the PWGSC Policy on Green Procurement. The DG of FAD is also co-chair of the CNSC Greening Committee, which supports the CNSC’s efforts in becoming an environmentally responsible organization by promoting green practices, by inspiring employees to change behaviour, and by demonstrating environmental leadership.

Setting targets for 2013–14:

  1. continue with efforts to reduce the number of imaging devices, with a goal of reducing the number of devices by 25 percent in 2014-15
  2. increase fleet of hybrid vehicles by 10 percent
  3. include environmental considerations in procurement tools and processes and bidding processes to increase awareness and results.

Management processes and controls: The CNSC uses PWGSC procurement instruments where possible to leverage the environmental considerations incorporated into these standing offers. Furthermore the CNSC has implemented materiel management frameworks (motor vehicles and printers) that incorporate environmental considerations in procurement decisions.

Training:  The CNSC will continue to ensure that all procurement staff receive training under the Green Procurement course (C215) offered at the Canadian School of Public Service. The CNSC will also continue its efforts to increase awareness in greening government operations through forums for administrative professionals and managers. 

Performance evaluations: Performance objectives related to green procurement will be included in the performance evaluation of a senior contracting officer and the manager of the contracting unit.

Meeting targets: The CNSC will report against these targets in the Departmental Performance Report.

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