Departmental Performance Report 2013-14: User Fees

User fees : Fees charged for the processing of access requests filed under the Access to Information Act (ATIA)

Fee type : Other products and services (O)

Fee–setting authority: Access to Information Act

Year last modified: 1992

Performance standards: Response provided within 30 days of request; the response time may be extended pursuant to section 9 of the ATIA. Notice of extension is to be sent within 30 days after receipt of request.

The ATIA provides fuller details:

Performance results: 53%

($ thousands)
Planning years
($ thousands)
Forecast revenue Actual revenue Full cost Fiscal year Forecast revenue Estimated full cost
0 0,9 419,2 2014-2015 0 0
2015-2016 0 0
2016-2017 0 0
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