Consolidated facility licence

Canadian cancer centres operate many different types of radiotherapy equipment, such as medical accelerators, cobalt teletherapy units and brachytherapy remote afterloaders. Operation of such facilities is regulated under the Class II Nuclear Facilities and Prescribed Equipment Regulations of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act. Previously, each different type of radiotherapy facility at an institution required a separate licence, and each institution had to maintain and administer multiple licences. This resulted in a large amount of duplication in licensing documentation.

Other types of facilities that operate and service their own equipment are now also able to consolidate these licences.

The CNSC has now established several new licence classifications or “use types”, which permit such institutions to consolidate their existing operating and servicing licenses under a single CNSC licence. These use types are:

  • 524 – operate and service medical accelerator and other radiotherapy facilities
  • 525 – operate medical accelerator and other radiotherapy facilities
  • 526 – conduct manual brachytherapy, operate and service medical accelerator and other radiotherapy
  • 527 – conduct manual brachytherapy, operate medical accelerator and other radiotherapy facilities
  • 616 – operate and service an isotope production accelerator facility
  • 619 – operate and service a research particle accelerator facility
  • 635 – operate and service an irradiator facility
  • 638 – operate and service a pool type irradiator facility
  • 645 – operate and service a veterinary teletherapy facility

This page contains further information for licensees on consolidation including:

Use types that may be consolidated

The following usetypes may be combined into a single licence:

  • 522 – operate a medical accelerator facility
  • 542 – operate a radioactive source teletherapy facility
  • 552 – operate a LDR brachytherapy facility
  • 555 – operate a HDR brachytherapy facility
  • 561 – operate a radioactive source stereotactic teletherapy facility
  • 566 – service class II prescribed equipment
  • 912 – brachytherapy other than a remote afterloader

In addition, a 566 licence may be combined with the any of following use types:

  • 516 – operate an isotope production accelerator facility
  • 519 – operate a research particle accelerator facility
  • 535 – operate an irradiator facility
  • 538 – operate a pool type irradiator
  • 545 – operate a veterinary teletherapy facility

Consolidation is only available for operating licences which permit routine operation (commissioning licences are not eligible), and Class II prescribed equipment servicing (by operator) licences. Consolidated licences will require renewal every 10 years. Any licensees who currently possess operating licences for at least two of the categories listed above may apply for consolidation under the appropriate new use type.

Restrictions on consolidation

Licences can be consolidated if:

  • all of the licensed activities are conducted under a single, integrated radiation safety program
  • the same organizational management structure and radiation safety officer (RSO) is responsible for overseeing all of the licences to be consolidated
  • there is a single radiation safety manual with a common set of radiation safety policies and procedures that apply to all of the licensed activities.

Note that new Class II nuclear facilities that are to be constructed, including replacement equipment being installed in existing bunkers, are still subject to the normal process of applying for separate construction and commissioning licences. New equipment can be integrated into a consolidated operating licence once commissioning has been completed.

Application process

To apply for consolidation, licensees must submit a written request to the CNSC. The request must include:

  1. the licence numbers which are to be consolidated

  2. the Class II prescribed equipment to be included under the consolidated licence

    In general, it is expected that all of the equipment contained under the operating licences specified will be included in the consolidation. If not, simply provide a clear statement to this effect.

  3. a copy of the radiation safety manual containing the policies and procedures applicable to all of the licences and licensed activities being consolidated.

    If this has already been submitted to the CNSC in support of a licence application, a simple reference to the appropriate document, using the CNSC document number listed in the appendices to each licence, will suffice.

  4. a detailed description of the appended licence documents (or parts thereof) that still apply

    Any documents that are commonly applicable to all of the licensed activities should be clearly identified. Documents or parts of documents containing information specific to a particular type of facility, such as operating procedures, structural shielding details or safety systems, should be itemized according to the facilities or prescribed equipment to which they apply. Documents or parts of documents that have been superseded by information submitted more recently must also be clearly identified and linked to the documents replacing them.

  5. a request to revoke all of the operating licences being consolidated once the consolidated license has been issued

    In preparing requests, licensees are encouraged to consult the following reference documents:

Licensees must address the issues in the table below when preparing a request for consolidation of their operating and servicing licences.

Also note that the CNSC may request additional information above and beyond what was required for the current licences, as our licensing requirements and regulations may change from time to time.

Consolidated licence application, licensing guide cross-reference
Section Requirement
REGDOC-1.4.1 RD/GD-120 RD/GD-207 RD/GD-289f  
A A,B,C B, C, G A, B, C
  • Identify current operating licences to be consolidated.
  • Verify the Class II prescribed equipment to be included in the consolidated licence and its locations.
D D,E D D, E
  • Provide a reference to or copy of the most recent radiation safety manual. This program must be common to all of the licenced activities being consolidated
  • Review the "Appendix: Licence Documents " and identify which documents or parts of documents are still applicable with respect to the radiation safety program, and which are obsolete.
B,E G,H,I,J E G, H, I, J
  • Identify documents or parts thereof that contain the servicing procedures or facility specific information and whether they are still applicable or obsolete.

J5 (QA)

  • Identify which aspects of the radiation safety QA program are common to all licensed activities and which are facility, equipment or servicing specific QC procedures.

If you have any questions about the consolidated radiotherapy facility licence application process, please contact your CNSC project officer.

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